Chandos Beauty Gift Boxed Rose Bush For Planting

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Hybrid Tea Bush Rose - Gold Standard Award Winner

Chandos Beauty has a wonderfully strong, fruity fragrance. Lovely, shapely blooms on robust growth. Very healthy. Its bushy habit makes it an ideal variety for hedging. Repeat flowers throughout the season, also suitable for a patio container.

Our English rose farm Manager Rob says ""Chandos is a highly scented peach pink rose that is almost as delicate as it is scented. It grows on one of the strongest and healthiest bushes I know. It is regarded as one of Robert Harnesses' (the breeder) best roses.

Ideal as a gift, this rose bush roots have been wrapped in a substrate to keep them from drying out which will enable you or the recipient to store the rose bush for up to two weeks in a cool dark place before planting out. The best months for planting are November to March. If planting outside, the rose bush should be thoroughly watered beforehand. The rose has been pruned ready for planting and the roots have also been pruned. They will re grow but it is essential that it is not left to dry out in the first 4 months after planting.

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Scent Rating: 7/10
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