Christmas Flowers

Christmas Flowers

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Luxury Christmas Flowers Delivered Next Day Nationwide.

Our luxury scented festive flowers are the perfect gift for you and your loved ones at Christmas time. Bring frosty whites and berry reds into your home - or choose from our other wonderful array of colourful stems. Every stem we use is hand-picked on our eco-friendly English or Fairtrade farms - making our bouquets, the very best money can buy.

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  1. Berry, Herb & Foliage Table Wreath
    Berry, Herb & Foliage Table Wreath

    From £70.00

    To £100.00

  2. Christmas Posy
    Christmas Posy
  3. Spiced Peach Bouquet
    Christmas Spiced Peach Bouquet

    From £65.00

    To £786.00

  4. Citrus & Spice Table Wreath
    Citrus & Spice Table Wreath

    From £85.00

    To £115.00

  5. David Austin Christmas Bouquet
    David Austin Christmas Bouquet

    From £67.00

    To £1,498.00

  6. David Austin Juliet Christmas Bouquet
    David Austin Juliet Christmas Bouquet

    From £65.00

    To £2,120.00

  7. David Austin Keira Christmas Bouquet
    David Austin Keira Christmas Bouquet

    From £65.00

    To £2,195.00

  8. Eucalyptus Garland
    Eucalyptus Garland

    From £135.00

    To £519.00

  9. Foliage and Berry	Garland
    Foliage and Berry Garland

    From £185.00

    To £725.00

  10. Lavender & Lime Table Wreath
    Lavender & Lime Table Wreath

    From £85.00

    To £115.00

  11. Nordic Bouquet
    Nordic Bouquet

    From £53.00

    To £2,531.00

  12. Nordic Door Wreath
    Nordic Door Wreath
  13. Nordic Hat Box Trio
    Nordic Hat Box Trio
  14. Nordic Table Wreath
    Nordic Table Wreath

    From £105.00

    To £135.00

  15. Red Antique & Plum Bouquet
    Red Antique & Plum Bouquet

    From £65.00

    To £601.00

  16. Simply Christmas Bouquet
    Simply Christmas Bouquet

    From £75.00

    To £22,161.00

  17. Thistle & Berry Table Wreath
    Thistle & Berry Table Wreath

    From £85.00

    To £115.00

  18. Winter Florist Choice
    Winter Florist Choice

    From £45.00

    To £525.00

  19. Woodland Antique Christmas Bouquet
    Woodland Antique Christmas Bouquet

    From £65.00

    To £696.72

  20. Woodland Antique Table Wreath
    Woodland Antique Table Wreath

    From £105.00

    To £135.00

  21. Woodland Antique Trio
    Woodland Antique Trio

30 Items

per page
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Our hand tied bouquets make the most wonderful Christmas gifts, looking beautiful in any home. The secret to our stunning Christmas collection is our seasonal herbs and foliage, complimenting the scented roses perfectly.


Why not hang a Christmas wreath on your door this year? Our famous door wreaths are a wonderful way to welcome guests over the threshold during the festive period. This year’s collection is packed with seasonal treats and are more breath taking than ever. We also sell table wreaths for the most memorable Christmas dinner yet! We think our table wreaths look especially beautiful when paired with a hurricane vase & pillar candle.

Hat Box Arrangements

The Real Flower Company hatboxes filled with floral treats for the festive season! If you want more than Christmas flowers you are in the right place. When the flowers have perished, the hatbox itself becomes a thoughtful gift.