From our farms to your door, fast and fresh and energy efficient

We get our flowers from the field to your doorstep in the minimum possible time so that you can enjoy the flowers at their freshest. Our flowers never sit around in a warehouse fridges using up energy for weeks like many commercially grown flowers. The standard supply chain must keep stems cold for up to 2 weeks, meaning hundreds of hours of refrigeration and the associated energy use. We use cold storage for only 2 days in our workshop, resulting in a lot of energy savings.

We cut only what we can sell. Other providers source from a supply chain that sees 1 in 3 stems wasted. Across hundreds of thousands of bouquets a year, that’s a lot of wasted land, resources, labour and fuel. We ask our farms to only cut what we expect to sell each day so we avoid having lots of waste. When we do have a few spare stems, we donate them to the community in places such as care homes and hospices.

Finally, our farms provide living wages for all.

Responsible farming

We use the best practice farming methods wherever possible to ensure that there are no negative impacts on the integrity of the environment. Our stringent conservation and management policy have earnt us our LEAF Mark accreditation. Down on our farms you will see:

  • Bee Hives in the Rose Paddock for pollination
  • Lace Wing houses and ladybird houses scattered round the rose paddock
  • Guinea Fowl and bantams to naturally keep the aphids and unwanted insects down
  • The local council’s green waste which we use as compost which we use by the trailer load
  • Biologicals sprays to control pests such as red spider mite
  • Compost encouraging worms
  • A five acre wild flower meadow which offers a diverse and exceptionally attractive habitat for insects and other invertebrates as well as birds and mammals