Herbs and Rose Bush Collection

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Herbs add huge interest to the garden, are Culinarily useful and a real asset in a bouquet. Rosemary an attractive shrub requiring little attention other than keeping it to the required size, it brings beauty to a garden with it’s mass of blue flowers which act as a magnet to bees. Purple Basil, a tender perennial with beautiful rich foliage and stunning flowers, wonderfully aromatic and fits so well amongst other herbs. Tricoloured Sage, eye catching foliage fitting so well with other herbs. Not as vigorous as other Sages so ideas for containers. Treat as a marginal tender perennial, so in colder parts, best potted up for the winter and replanted outside in the spring. Scented Pelagonium. Rose of Attar, No herb collection is complete without this beauty with its gorgeous aromatic foliage and delicate pink flowers. Tends to die back in winter and remerge in the spring.
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