Sweet Peas

Simply Irresistible! There is a reason why Sweet Peas are such a popular English Flower and are loved by so many of our customers. Our Sweet Peas are grown on our farm just off the South Coast and are specifically bred by us for their longevity and exquisite scent. Their season is in full swing and are available until the end of June, so choose one of our luxurious bouquets or arrangements whilst you can.

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  1. british sweet peas
    Sweet Pea Stems - Mixed Colours
    From £27.50
  2. sweet pea hatbox arrangement
    Sweet Pea Hat Box Arrangement
  3. Rose & Sweet Pea Jewel Bouquet
    Rose and Sweet Pea Jewel Bouquet
    From £45.00
  4. Prettiest Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet
    Prettiest Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet
    From £60.00
  5. simply english sweet peas
    Simply Sweet Peas Bouquet
    From £45.00
  6. chelsea flower show
    Chelsea English Garden Bouquet
    From £55.00
  7. Chelsea garden flower show hat box arrangement
    Chelsea English Garden Hatbox Arrangement
  8. Chelsea English Garden Hat Box Trio
    Chelsea English Garden Hat Box Trio
  9. Sweet pea hatbox trio
    Sweet Pea Hat Box Trio
  10. Sweet Pea Candle Box
    Sweet Pea Candle Box
  11. Sweetpea Apothecary Jar
    Sweet Pea Apothecary Jar
  12. Sweet Pea and Exochorda Glass Flower Tube
    Sweet Pea Glass Flower Tube
  13. Fresh from the farm flowers 20200518
    Fresh From The Farm English Flower Box
  14. English Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    English Garden Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £38.00

14 Items

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What makes our Sweet Peas so special?

Quintessentially English! Our Sweet Peas have been specifically bred by us for you to enjoy as a cut flower at home. We pride ourselves on their longevity, natural beauty, and of course, their exquisite scent. Our Chichester farm continuously works to ensure our Sweet Peas are always outstanding quality for our customers.

When do Sweet Peas flower?

Our Sweet Peas season generally starts from late March to the end of June. They are grown under glass at our Chichester farm so we can ensure their season starts early and lasts for longer. This also means they are the best possible quality.

Sweet Pea bouquets and arrangements

Our expert florists love the Sweet Pea season, and this shows in their stunning designs. The Sweet Peas are delivered to us a few times a week, so the freshest ingredients are always used in all our bouquets and arrangements.

How to make cut Sweet Peas last longer?

We encourage all our customers to recut the stems of their bouquet when they first receive it and place in a clean vase with fresh water with the provided flower food. Change the water regularly and keep the bouquet somewhere cool. Bear in mind that our Sweet Peas have a natural curl and movement at the top where the immature flowers are, this is perfectly normal if they are still firm and will continue to grow outwards as they age.