English Grown Flowers

English Grown Flowers

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  1. Summer Romance Bouquet
    Summer Romance Bouquet
  2. Late Summer Meadow Bouquet
    Summer Meadow Bouquet
  3. Dahlia & Herb Bouquet
    Dahlia & Herb Bouquet
  4. English Rainbow Bouquet
    English Rainbow Bouquet

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  5. Simply Margaret Merril
    Simply Margaret Merril

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  6. Strawberries & Cream Bouquet
    Strawberries & Cream Bouquet

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  7. Evelyn & Wildflower Bouquet
    Evelyn & Wildflower Bouquet

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  8. Margaret Merril & Wildflower
    Margaret Merril & Wildflower

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  9. Best of British Bouquet
    Best of British Bouquet

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  10. Irish Hope & Wildflower Bouquet
    Irish Hope & Wildflower Bouquet

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15 Items

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Promoting Provenance and Sustainability by Growing on Own Farms

Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

This farm nestled in the South Downs National Park, is where hand-tended garden roses, wildflowers, herbs and foliage are grown. Full of natural charm, character and the vital ingredient – scent, responsibly grown with sustainable farming techniques and eco-initiatives. Certified under the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme, and part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme this 11 acre farm is a member of the Farm Wildlife Advisory Group.

Enormous care is taken to contain soil structure and use minimal tillage to improve and maintain good nature, fertility and worm populations. Drip irrigation is essential to avoid soil erosion and waste. The roses are never sprayed when in flower which protects several varieties of bees and other insects which are feeding. Dotted about the paddock are hives which encourage these bees which, in turn help pollination.

All the plant and rose bushes are planted through specialist matting that suppresses weeds, negating any use of weed killers. Biologicals are used instead of sprays to control some pests. Guinea fowl and bantams roam free keeping aphids and unwanted insects at bay. All The Real Flower Company produce conforms to the LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) standard.

Chichester, West Sussex

The Real Flower Company also grows sweet peas on a farm near Chichester. During spring and early summer English scented sweet peas are abundantly incorporated into the bouquets.