Floristry Gift Set

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A fabulous flower arranging gift, packaged in our luxury hat box which can be used to store the kit.

Japanese Floristry scissors Made specially for us in Japan, these professional grade floristry scissors are the best money can buy and the only scissors our florists like to use. Branded The Real Flower Company and supplied with a small protective cover for the sharp blades, these scissors will make trimming stems and foliage a breeze.

Stem Stripper Used by our own florists, this simple tool makes light work of stripping leaves and thorns off roses and flowers.

Perfect Arranger As seen in the FT's How to Spend It last year The Perfect Arranger is, in our opinion, the best and certainly one of the greenest home flower arranging tools you can buy. It replaces floral foam and chicken wire and helps you to create wonderful flower arrangements in a variety of containers. The stainless steel arranger will not rust. it is dishwasher safe. You can easily lift the arrangement out of your chosen container if you need to change the water - essential for longer lasting flowers.

Japanese linen Apron Perfect for flower arranging, in the kitchen, or simply as a stylish layering tunic, our soft, double-washed square cross linen pinafore apron is made from 100% European linen. The two big side pockets which are divided into two more (a total of 4 pockets) are perfect for light tools, bits and bobs.

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