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We specialise in scented garden roses here at The Real Flower Company, but we do grow and use other scented varieties of flowers in our bouquets. Can find a variety you are looking for?

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  1. One Love Bouquet
    One Love Bouquet

    From £60.00

    To £695.00

  2. Simply Cream Piaget
    Simply Cream Piaget

    From £75.00

    To £4,755.00

  3. Antique Autumn Bouquet
    Antique Autumn Bouquet

    From £56.00

    To £955.00

  4. Florist Choice Bouquet
    Florist Choice Bouquet

    From £40.00

    To £3,340.00

  5. Mixed Pink Trio
    Mixed Pink Trio
  6. Glass Flower Tube & Posy
    Glass Flower Tube & Posy
  7. Antique Trio
    Antique Trio

9 Items

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