Fresh Rose Petals

Only the most fragrant and best roses are used to make these spectacular fresh rose petals. All the petals are hand plucked by our florists from scented garden roses that are lovingly grown on our sustainable Kenyan farm. Our fresh petals make for the perfect finishing touch; be it for confetti or decoration at a wedding, or as a romantic gesture; no other petals will be as beautiful and fragrant as our selection below.

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What are fresh petals used for?

These beautifully scented, fresh rose petals are a stunning finishing touch to a romantic gesture like floating in a bubble bath at Valentine’s Day or on an anniversary. They are also the perfect decoration or confetti at a wedding and make a great alternative to using dried petals.

Keeping your rose petals fresh

Our rose petals are hand-picked and delivered the next day; therefore, we would recommend taking delivery the day before they’re to be used. To preserve their freshness, try keeping the petals in the signature green hat box that they arrive in and placing it somewhere cool and dark.

How many petals should I order?

Our five-pint hat boxes contain roughly 20 handfuls of fresh petals. If they’re being used at a wedding; one handful per guest is a good guide when deciding how many you would need.