Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary Flowers

There’s no doubt that flowers are the perfect way to celebrate a special day and to show a loved one how much you care. Whether it’s the first anniversary of meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend or a silver, ruby, golden or even diamond wedding anniversary, our gloriously scented bouquets make a spectacular way to mark the occasion or to wish friends and family every happiness on reaching a milestone in their lives.

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  1. 10x peony stems
    10x English Peonies
  2. Florist Choice Hat Box Arrangement
    Florist's Seasonal Choice Hat Box Arrangement
  3. Flower Tube & Posy
    Florist’s Seasonal Choice Glass Flower Tube & Posy
  4. Peony Pink Large bouquet hand held
    Simply Peony Pink Rose Bouquet
    From £70.00
  5. simply peony bouquet
    English Simply Peony Bouquet
    From £72.00
  6. peony garden bouquet
    English Peony Garden Bouquet
    From £68.00
  7. Romantic Juliet Bouquet
    Romantic Juliet Bouquet
    From £54.00
  8. English garden pick of the day - june 22
    English Garden Pick Of The Day
    From £45.00
  9. spring fresh from the farm box
    English Fresh From The Farm Box
    From £30.00
  10. antique pick of the day bouquet
    Antique Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £48.00
  11. edible rose heads
    Edible Roses
    From £17.50
  12. david austin florist choice hat box arrangement
    David Austin's Florist's Choice Hat Box Arrangement
  13. Vibrant Pick Of The Day Hat Box Arrangement
    Vibrant Pick Of The Day Hat Box Arrangement
  14. vibrant pick of the day hand held shot june 2021
    Vibrant Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £48.00
  15. david austin and sweetpea bouquet
    David Austin Rose and Sweetpea Bouquet
    From £54.00
  16. farm to vase subscription
    Farm to Vase Subscription (price includes first 3 deliveries and vase)
    From £60.00
  17. cream and ivory sweet pea stems
    Sweet Pea Stems - Ivory and Cream
    From £38.00
  18. florist choice vase trio
    Florist Choice Vase Trio
  19. pastel pink pick of the day hat box arrangement - shot june 2021
    Pastel Pink Pick Of The Day Hat Box Arrangement
  20. mixed pink pick of the day hatbox arrangement
    Mixed Pink Pick Of The Day Hat Box Arrangement
  21. hot pick pick of the day hatbox arrangement
    Hot Pink Pick Of The Day Hat Box Arrangement
  22. simply cream and ivory sweet peas
    Cream and Ivory Simply Sweet Pea Bouquet
    From £55.00
  23. mixed pink pick of the day bouquet
    Mixed Pink Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £48.00
  24. simply hot pink bouquet
    Simply Hot Pink Bouquet
    From £67.00
  25. simply cream and ivory bouquet
    Simply Cream and Ivory Bouquet
    From £67.00
  26. simply pastel pink bouquet
    Simply Pastel Pink Bouquet
    From £67.00
  27. coral pick of the day bouquet
    Coral Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £48.00
  28. cream and ivory hatbox pick of the day arrangement
    Cream and Ivory Pick Of The Day Hat Box Arrangement
  29. David Austin florist choice bouquet
    David Austin Florist's Choice Bouquet
    From £48.00
  30. yellow and ivory pick of the day bouquet
    Yellow and Ivory Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £48.00
  31. Pastel Pink Pick Of The Day Bouquet HH shot June 2021
    Pastel Pink Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £48.00
  32. cream and ivory pick of the day bouquet
    Cream and Ivory Pick Of The Day Bouquet
    From £48.00
  33. english romance hat box arrangement
    English Romance Hat Box Arrangement
  34. english romance bouquet
    English Romance Bouquet
    From £50.00
  35. margaret merril and wildflower
    English Margaret Merril & Wildflower Bouquet
    From £52.00
  36. June Birthday Bouquet
    June Birthday Bouquet
  37. best of british bouquet
    Best of British Bouquet
    From £48.00
  38. evelyn and wildflower bouquet
    English Evelyn & Wildflower Bouquet
    From £50.00
  39. 12 month subscription
    12 Monthly Bouquet Deliveries
    From £512.00
  40. 3 month subscription
    3 Monthly Bouquet Deliveries
    From £128.00
  41. simply gorgeous bouquet
    Simply Gorgeous Bouquet
    From £67.00
  42. simply elegant bouquet
    Simply Elegant Bouquet
    From £68.00
  43. simply sweet pea handheld - shot June 2021
    Simply Sweet Peas Bouquet
    From £55.00
  44. Prettiest Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet - shot june 2021
    Prettiest Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet
    From £52.00
  45. sun and sky sweet pea bouquet
    Sun and Sky Sweet Pea Bouquet
    From £53.00
  46. rose and sweet pea jewel bouquet
    Rose and Sweet Pea Jewel Bouquet
    From £54.00
  47. 6 month subscription
    6 Monthly Bouquet Deliveries
    From £256.00
  48. Simply Cream Piaget Bouquet handheld
    Simply Cream Piaget
    From £70.00
  49. pink DIY roses
    12 x Pink Roses
  50. cream ivory diy roses
    12 X Cream & Ivory Roses
  51. Strawberries and Cream Bouquet
    English Strawberries & Cream Bouquet
    From £50.00
  52. simply chandos beauty large - handheld
    English Simply Chandos Beauty Bouquet
    From £72.00
  53. Florist Choice Bouquet
    Florist’s Choice Bouquet
    From £45.00
  54. peaches and cream bouquet
    English Peaches & Cream Bouquet
    From £52.00
  55. sweet pea hatbox arrangement
    Sweet Pea Hat Box Arrangement
  56. british sweet pea stem box
    Sweet Pea Stems - Mixed Colours
    From £37.00

56 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

Choosing Wedding Anniversary Flowers

All our spectacularly beautiful anniversary bouquets communicate the power of love and the wonder of an ongoing romance more concretely than mere words. For a simple statement of how much you care, or to express your admiration to friends or family in celebrating their long-lasting relationship, bouquets such as our Simply Peony Pink, Simply Spring, Romantic Juliet or English Rainbow offer a perfect solution. Or allow our experts to create a unique anniversary flower arrangement just for you by selecting our Florist Choice Bouquet.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Flowers

To celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary with flowers, our Seasonal Ivory Bouquet – an exquisite combination of our favourite white, cream and ivory scented roses against a background of freshly picked flowers and foliage – is the perfect choice. Or send the message that your love is still as fresh as when you first met with our Simply seasonal arrangement.

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Flowers

For a ruby wedding flower arrangement, our Strawberries & Cream Bouquet – a rich mix of red, pink and cream roses including the dramatically rippled Rachel Louise Moran – provides a glamorous solution. Or Simply Caffe Latte, with its dusky pink antique petals and vanilla scent, offers a showstopping alternative to celebrate a 40th anniversary.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Our Simply Margaret Merril Bouquet is a wonderful idea for flowers to celebrate a 50th or golden anniversary. Known for its intoxicating scent, Margaret Merril is a timeless rose with frilly petals ranging from ivory to blush pink that open to reveal an unexpected golden centre.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Why not celebrate an ongoing romance with our Romantic Juliet Bouquet? Or leave the choice to our experts, who will create a unique anniversary flower arrangement just for you in one of our Florist Choice Bouquets?

About Our Anniversary Flowers

The Real Flower Company was founded with a mission to grow gloriously scented roses as nature intended. All our anniversary roses, foliage and flowers are grown either on our sustainable Hampshire flower farm or on our Fairtrade sister farm Tambuzi in the foothills of Mount Kenya, in conditions developed to maintain their individual characteristics and maximise their beauty and fragrance.

Anniversary Flowers Delivery

All our beautiful anniversary flowers can be delivered next day across the UK. Anniversary flowers arrive in one of our signature green boxes, embellished with a luxury satin bow. Hand tied by our expert florists, our anniversary bouquets can be placed straight in a vase with no need for further arranging.