Dried Seed Head Door Wreath

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The soft hues and texture of this beautiful wreath would enhance any door or table. Silver Eucalyptus from our farm in Hampshire mixed with our dried Hydrangea heads, Pine Cones, Poppy Seed Heads, Scabious Seed Heads, Brunera and aromatic Lavender create a palette of gentle tones. Don’t wait until Christmas, treat yourself or a friend to this gorgeous wreath.

Stem Substitutions

Please note that whilst we cannot 100% guarantee the rose and other stem varieties shown (sometimes we have to make substitutions due to mother nature), we will ensure your stems are just as beautiful, fresh and that your recipient loves them!

Wreath Size Guide

This wreath is made with a 12" Dry Oasis base and is approximated 14" in diameter when fully constructed.

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Scent Rating: 3/10
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