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Chandos Beauty is an incredible scented English garden rose. It's stunning peach hue makes it a firm favourite on our Hampshire farm and at The Real Flower Company. Mixed simply with mint and a senecio collar this bouquet is understaded, elegant and the aroma is quite simply breathtaking. Here's what Rob our farm manager has to say about chandos beauty.

"Chandos is a highly scented peach pink rose that is almost as delicate as it is scented. It grows on one of the strongest and healthiest bushes I know. Regarded as one of Robert Harnesses’ (the breeder) best roses."

Please note, the bouquet in the photograph is a Large size, at a cost of £110.

Other available sizes are: Small (16 roses), Medium (24 roses), Large - photographed (30 roses), Deluxe (36 roses)

Please select the size you would like above.

This bouquet is made from natural perishable products and has been lovingly hand crafted by us with flowers and foliage grown on our own farms. We endeavour to create our bouquets to look like the picture shown but in certain circumstances we may need to make flower substitutions. Please be assured we will always make your bouquet look beautiful! Some bouquet/arrangement ingredients can cause irritation. If you have any special requirements or allergies please contact our team or call us 01730 818 300.

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  • Chandos Beauty
Scent Rating: 10/10
Simply Chandos Beauty From
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