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How will my Trade order arrive?
Our flowers arrive in one of our eco-friendly, Real Flower Company Trade boxes. The roses are packed for transport with wet-feet to keep them hydrated and collars to protect the heads. Opening our premium boxes, releasing the amazing scent and seeing the stunning flowers for the first time is a key part of the unique experience of receiving luxury scented flowers from The Real Flower Company. Our flowers come in a semi-open bud form to maintain freshness and durability while they make the journey to you. Please allow one to two days past the arrival date for them to fully open and see them in their finest state.
How do your Trade prices compare to wholesalers?
Our pricing is very competitive and as good as, or better than, any premium Trade or wholesale supplier of Fairtrade or English grown luxury scented flowers in the world. You will not get the same flower quality or freshness anywhere else (other than Zest at Covent Garden who also sell our flowers).
What’s included in the price?
Everything, including packaging and care instructions. The only thing not included is delivery. This is because some of our customers prefer to collect their flowers from our workshop.
Are the flowers guaranteed?
While we aim to ensure each delivery is perfect, our flowers are grown as nature intended and slight imperfections and some occasional unpredictable behaviour is only natural. Similarly, we are only human and therefore, whilst we try our absolute best every day, we are not 100% perfect all the time! However, we can assure you that we’re working our hardest to deliver your flowers on-time and in the best condition possible. We want to be sure you’re happy with us and our flowers, if we make a mistake, we will do everything we can to rectify an error to ensure you are happy that you chose The Real Flower Company.
What is covered by Our Guarantee?

Late delivery: If we don’t deliver by the day scheduled, we will refund your delivery cost or equivalent credit note. The only exceptions are when our courier attempts delivery on time and the delivery cannot be made for some reason outside of our control. Examples of these exceptions include but are not limited to: an incorrect address; the recipient not being at home; the nominated place to leave the delivery not being available or not ‘safe and dry’; a business address being closed, etc. and severe weather. If we miss the delivery otherwise, we make up for it.

Quality Issues: If for some reason our flowers arrive in substandard condition, we will provide a free replacement or equivalent credit note. This does not cover minor blemishes or if just a couple blooms are slightly damaged and simply require a few petals to be ‘picked’ off. Our flowers come in a partially open bud form to maintain freshness and durability while they make the journey to you. Please follow the care instructions provided and wait a couple of hours for the flowers to hydrate to fully assess their condition.

Short vase life: If your flowers do not last five days, except in very warm weather, we will provide a free replacement. This requires a photo to be emailed to us within four days of delivery. However, this is subject to you having followed the simple Care Instructions we include.

Inaccurate flower delivery: If we make a mistake and send completely the wrong order, we’ll send a free replacement or provide the equivalent credit note. This requires a photo of the flowers within 2 hours of delivery. Slight colour variations from the images on our website are common, and we do reserve the right to substitute some varieties with others due to availability or quality issues, so please understand that nature isn’t perfectly consistent and this may result in slight product variations.

And what, is not? Things that are beyond our control: Acts of God or Nature such as severe weather that causes delays, wrong or non-existent addresses.

A minor blemish or a dropped petal or two: Flowers have natural variation and not every flower will be pristinely perfect. Nature gives us these imperfections to show us the beauty of it all and this is a part of the experience of receiving flowers from our small, British and Fairtrade farms rather than mass produced ‘factory’ flowers!

How are you a sustainable and eco-friendly company?
Our farms have been independently certified by third party agencies such as LEAF and Fairtrade as being responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, our farm-direct method ensures that very few stems are wasted in the supply chain, while other suppliers can waste up to one of every three stems. Our farms pay living wages and really care about and look after their employees which means you can feel good about shopping at The Real Flower Company.
I love your flowers - is there some way for me to help spread the word?
Yes! Please, please post our links to your social accounts to let other florists know about us!
How do I get in touch with Customer Services?
Please visit our Customer Service / Contact page to see the options available.
What makes The Real Flower Company and their flowers so different?
We believe flowers should smell amazing as well as looking beautiful. In order to do this, we curate and grow the most scented flower varieties in the world on our English and Fairtrade farms. These unusual scented varieties of flowers are difficult to grow and transport, so only specialist growers like ourselves are able to produce them. Our flowers are hand-picked daily to order and rather than spending days or even weeks in a cold store, they are packed and sent out to you in the shortest possible time to ensure they are really fresh.
can you tell me about the range of flowers you sell?

Our Ranges:

  • English Scented Sweet Peas – available March to July
  • English Scented Roses – available summer only
  • Kenyan (Fairtrade) Scented Roses – available all year round
  • David Austin Roses – available all year round
  • Herbs & Foliage – available all year round
  • Seasonal English Flowers – available in their seasons

Our full range is available via RFC Trade Sales direct or a selected range is also available via our dedicated representative in New Covent Garden Market – Zest Flowers Ltd.

Why are The Real Flower Company flowers so much more scented than ordinary flowers?
Most commercially grown flower varieties have been genetically modified by removing the scent gene in order to make them easier to grow, transport, and store as a mass commodity and to extend their vase life. As a result, they have little or no scent and do not open in the way that nature intended. The flowers we grow are ‘real flowers’ with their scent gene firmly intact. They will open fully to reveal their full glory and release an intoxicating scent that is unforgettable!
Why do your flowers not last as long as many other flowers?
Most commercially grown flower varieties have been genetically modified by removing the scent gene in order to prolong vase life. As a result, they have little or no scent and do not open in the way that nature intended. The flowers we grow are ‘real flowers’ with their scent gene firmly intact. They may not last quite as long as some ordinary flowers but they smell amazing and add another sensory dimension to any event. We think they will surprise and delight your clients and customers.
How should I care for my Real Flower Company flowers?
Our scented Garden Roses are delicate and require different handling and care to ordinary roses. To get the best out of your roses, please ensure you follow the care instructions below:    1. Remove the flowers from the box but do not remove the collars. The collars play a vital role in keeping the roses straight and facilitating optimal hydration. 2. Cut approximately 1 inch off the stems. 3. Place in at least 6 inches of clean fresh water. After 2 hours remove the cardboard collars. This prevents damage to the petals. 4. Leave the flowers in clean fresh water in a dark cool place, or ideally in a chill unit until you are ready to work with them. PLEASE NOTE: Our roses are dispatched without petal picking the guard petals. This is best done prior to arranging. roses have a shorter vase life than their mass produced scentless rivals and will, as nature intended, open and start to shed their petals after about five days.
How long should I expect your flowers to last?
Our flowers are cut and then shipped direct to you, so on average they will last a minimum of five days when care instructions are followed properly. Some flowers such as our sweet peas may last up to two weeks after delivery!
What types of flowers do you offer?
We specialise in unusual highly scented roses, sweet peas and other luxury flowers that are almost impossible for large scale producers to grow and transport. They are available in a large variety of colours and you can sort flowers by colour or variety on our product pages.
Why do your David Austin roses cost more?
We are the only authorised grower and supplier of David Austin cut stems if the UK. For this privilege, we pay a small royalty to David Austin which seems fair to us given how beautiful his roses are! The slightly higher prices we charge for David Austin bouquets help us pay these royalties. Our prices are very competitive and often the cheapest you will find for David Austin roses.
How long are your stems?
Our standard Trade stems are cut from our farms at approximately 50cm but this does vary depending on the flower type. Longer or shorter stems are available on request.
How many roses are in a wrap?
Our English roses come in wraps of 10 roses; our Kenyan Fairtrade roses come in wraps of 12 roses.
I just placed my order, but would like to add some additional items. How do I do this without being charged another delivery fee?
Just call our Trade Team on 01730 818 300 and we can add any additional items you require to your order and take payment without you having to pay another delivery charge.
What is your order cancellation policy?
Whilst we understand that plans can change, once your order is placed, it is then sent to our farm where your stems are reserved and then cut for you, to meet your requirements. This forms an integral part of the premium service to ourTrade Customers. The stems are therefore, designated to meet your needs and cannot be resold to others. We regret that it is not possible for us to accept cancellations within seven days from the despatch date. Your acceptance of this is appreciated.
I need flowers sooner than the next delivery date available on the website. Are you able to supply them? ?
We understand that ‘last minute’ does happen! Usually we are able to help however, it may mean an increase in stem prices due to transport costs. Please do call our Trade Team on 01730 818 300 to discuss your short notice requirements.
What are your delivery days?
We deliver overnight by courier on Tuesdays to Saturdays. Please contact our Trade team to place your order if you wish to organise a bucket delivery 'in water'. They will provide you with a quote and the availability of a driver.
Do you offer local collections?
You may collect from our workshop and save on the delivery charge. Simply select 'collect' at the checkout.
What are your delivery charges?
Premium Next Day Delivery
Available Tues to Sat 8am - 10.30am
£20 for the first item to one delivery address
Please note: each delivery charge covers up to 30kg and can include multiple boxes. Orders over this weight will incur an additional delivery charge for each 30kg.
Where do you deliver to?

Currently we deliver to most UK postcodes. However, there are exceptions in the highlands and Islands as it can take two days to reach by van and sadly this compromises our ability to guarantee the flowers for a full five days. Just like us, our flowers don’t like to spend any more than 24 hours in van!

As a result, we are unable to deliver to:- AB37-38, AB41-56, IV1-20, IV25, IV30-37, IV63, KW1-3, KW6-10, KW14,PH15-26, PA21-35, PA37-39, PH33,49, IV21-24, IV26-28, IV40, KW5,KW11-13, FK18-21,PA36, PA40, PH30-32, PH34-41,PH50, HS1-9, IV41-56, KA27-28, KW15-17, PA20, PA41-49, PA62-76, PH42-44, ZE1-3 Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Scilly Isles.

For customers looking to deliver to Isle of Wight or Jersey, we are able to offer this service for telephone orders only. Please contact our Trade team on +44 (0)1730 818 300 and they will give you the delivery costs.

We do not deliver flowers to any international markets, but never say never. It may happen in the future! If you would like to send non-perishable items then please call us +44 (0)1730 818 300 to order and we can arrange to get these throughout the UK and internationally (subject to international delivery charges).

Does somebody have to be there to accept the delivery?
The Real Flower Company offers one delivery option - No Signature Required (except for deliveries that include alcohol and require an adult signature). This means that our courier partner will make an attempt, but not guarantee to notify the recipient before leaving the bouquet. We recommend you use the comments section on the checkout page which allows you to suggest a suitable place for the courier to leave the flowers if the recipient is not home. The flowers will, by default, be left on the step if possible or with a neighbour. If you would prefer that the flowers are not left on the step or with a neighbour. but re-delivered by the courier then please specify this in the comments section. In this instance, a card will be posted through the letterbox and the recipient will need to telephone the courier depot to arrange for re-delivery. Please note that the courier will not call the recipient to ensure they are at home before delivery and if the re-delivery results in the flowers being delivered a day or more late, then our five day guarantee is no longer valid.
What happens if the recipient was not home at the time of delivery?
All good. The flowers will, by default, be left ‘safe and dry if possible, or with a neighbour. If you would prefer that the flowers are not left outside, or with a neighbour but re-delivered by the courier, then please specify this in the comments section when ordering. In this instance, a card will be posted through the letterbox and the recipient will need to telephone the courier depot to arrange for re-delivery. Please note that the courier will not call the recipient to ensure they are at home before delivery. If there are any issues with the delivery of your flowers, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!
How do you ship flowers directly from the farm? How do they stay fresh?
When shipping from our Fairtrade farm in Kenya, our flowers remain in a cool environment or cold storage. This means that the flowers are kept in a state of sleep for most of the time which keeps them really fresh. We package them carefully at the farm to protect them during travel to our workshop where they arrive in optimum condition to be hand-tied by our florists and dispatched for next day delivery. It is not possible for our flowers to be temperature controlled once we have dispatched them so it is ideal if someone can be present when they arrive in order that they can be placed in a cool dry place as quickly as possible. When shipping from our English farms, the flowers can be delivered within 24 hours of being cut!
I placed an order in advance - are my farm-fresh flowers going to be picked and dispatched early?
We make our bouquets with the freshest of hand-picked flowers available on the day of dispatch to keep the time between our farms and the recipient’s doorstep to an absolute minimum. Invariably, this is a significantly shorter period than ordinary commercial flowers which often stay in cold storage for up to 10 days!
Do you guarantee delivery on specific dates?
You can specify a particular delivery date and we will do our best to deliver on that exact date. However, because we deliver using a courier and do not directly control their operations, we cannot "guarantee" delivery on a specific date. In addition, things happen. Acts of God or Nature such as severe weather that causes delays, wrong addresses or non-existent ones (don’t ask!).
My order didn't arrive by a certain time or a time that was convenient for me. I want a refund, or you to give me something free?
Please note that our courier controls your package once it has left us. Whilst we strive for amazing service, we cannot control our courier partner’s operations. We cannot guarantee a certain time of the day (other than before 1pm for our Premium Next Day service), or provide refunds for providing a bouquet a few hours earlier or later than the specified, or your ideal delivery time. If in the rare instance we happen to be late by a day, please contact customer service.
Do you ever run any promotions or special offers?
We do run promotions and special offers from time to time. If you would like to be notified about these, please subscribe to our Trade newsletter here [insert mailchimp sign-up]
Why isn't my voucher code working?
Inputting a voucher code will apply an automatic credit to your order. To use the voucher code, “Add Promo Code / Vouchers” at the Basket stage of checkout, input the code and click “add” for the credit to apply to your purchase. If a Store Credit does not show after you input your code, please contact Customer Service.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Switch, America Express & Paypal.
What is your refunds or credits policy?

In the unlikely event that your flowers arrive damaged (beyond a few minor blemishes and dropped petals) or there are any quality issues, please call us immediately. We will do our best to get some replacement flowers to you as soon as possible, but this will be subject to stock availability and your location. If we are not able to send replacement flowers to you, we will offer you a credit note to be used on your next order. We do ask for an image with any quality issues or damaged flowers so we can look into any issues thoroughly and feedback to our flower farmers and couriers as appropriate.

We will also consider a credit note for deliveries on the wrong day, or the delivery of incorrect items except where flowers have been substituted due to availability in accordance with our terms and conditions.

What sort of things do you not offer refunds for?

We do not offer refunds or credits for things that are out of our control such as Acts of God or Nature such as severe weather that causes delays, wrong or non-existent addresses, no obvious safe place for deliveries to be left and minor blemishes on flowers, or a dropped petal or two.

Our head office is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. If you have a query or request please call us on 01730 818 300 nor email trade@realflowers.co.uk.

Our head office and collection address is: The Flower Packing Shed, Hinton Ampner, Alresford, SO24 0LF

You can contact us by visiting our Tradecontact page.