12 X Cream & Ivory Roses

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Here at The Real Flower Company we are known for our scented garden roses. Each and every one of our roses has been hand-tended and grown as nature intended. This box contains twelve cream roses, delivered in bud and ready to prepare and arrange. Each day the roses will unfurl, revealing layers of delicate petals and filling the room with glorious scent. With your roses you will also receive an easy-to-follow guide to walk you through stripping and trimming your roses to get the most from your display.

On Arrival

The roses arrive in a Real Flower Company DIY flower box, unstripped and with the outer guard petals on to protect the rose heads during transit. On receipt, the rose stems need to stripped, trimmed, placed in water (with the flower food provided) and the outer guard petals removed prior to display. Care instructions are supplied.

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Scent Rating: 8/10
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