Frequently Asked Questions

How will a Bouquet or arrangement arrive?

Our flowers arrive in one of our signature green, eco-friendly, Real Flower Company branded boxes. The flowers are packed for transport in a fresh bag saturated with water. Opening our premium boxes, releasing the amazing scent and seeing the stunning flowers for the first time is a key part of the unique experience of receiving luxury scented flowers from The Real Flower Company. Our flowers come in a semi-open bud form to maintain freshness and durability while they make the journey to you. Please wait one to two days past the arrival date to see them in their fully open, finest state. Many people like to keep our flowers and enjoy watching them age beautifully and gracefully for well over a week. Just like humans, there is beauty in older flowers too!


Why are your Bouquets more expensive than some other florists?

Our pricing is as good as, or better than, any premium supplier of Fairtrade or English grown luxury scented flowers in the world. You might be able to find cheaper flowers at the supermarket or your local florists, or with an online competitor. However, you will not get the same flower quality or scent intensity for this price anywhere else. The flowers most supermarkets and florists sell have little or no scent, will be older by up to 10 days and the bouquets will probably be bulked out with cheap fillers.


What’s included in the price?

Everything, including flower food, care instructions and a gift message. The only thing not included is delivery. This is because we are a small business, and for the time being, have to rely on third party couriers to deliver our flowers for us.


Are the flowers guaranteed?

We guarantee our flowers for 5 days, and while we aim to make every arrangment perfect, flowers grown as nature intended can have slight imperfections, and some occasional unpredictable behaviour is only natural. However, if you are not happy with what has been delivered, please do get in touch with us on 01730 818300 or [email protected], where your query will be taken care of quickly and appropriately.


What’s covered by your Guarantee? Everything we do!

Late delivery: The third party couriers we use, APC and DPD, offer a 98% delivery success rate, but on very rare occassions, due to unforeseen circumstances, next-day delivery cannot be guaranteed. Examples of these exceptions include but are not limited to: an incorrect address; the recipient not being at home; the nominated place to leave the delivery not being available or not ‘safe and dry’; a business address being closed, and severe weather. If the courier misses the delivery otherwise, please let us know so we can raise the issue with them and help where we are able to.

Quality Issues: If for some reason our flowers arrive in substandard condition, please call us on 01730 818300 or email [email protected]. This does not cover minor blemishes, or if a few of the blooms are slightly damaged, and only require a few petals to be ‘picked’ off. Our flowers come in a partially open bud form to maintain freshness and durability while they make the journey to you. Please wait one to two days past the arrival date to fully assess their condition.

Short vase life: If your flowers do not last five days, we will provide a free replacement. We will require relevant photos to be emailed to us within five days of delivery. However, this is subject to the recipients of our flowers having followed the simple Care Instructions we include.

Inaccurate flower composition: If we make a mistake and send completely the wrong flowers, we’ll send a free replacement arrangement. We do, however, ask for a photo of the Bouquet and/or message card within three days of delivery. Slight colour variations from the images on our website are common, and we do reserve the right to substitute some varieties with others due to availability or quality issues.

And what, unfortunately, is not covered?

A minor blemish or a dropped petal or two: Flowers have natural variation and not every flower will be pristinely perfect. Nature gives us these imperfections to show us the beauty of it all and this is a part of the experience of receiving flowers from our small, British and Fairtrade farms rather than mass produced ‘factory’ flowers!

Missing or incorrect notecard: If your notecard is missing or incorrect, we will be happy to send a personal, handwritten card to your recipient as an apology. It can happen that notecards are lost during transit, but this is very few and far between! We do not change any message you have provided us unless instructed by the purchaser to amend. This means if you make a typo, or put something down wrong, it will be delivered to the recipient this way, and we cannot take any liability for this.


How are you a sustainable and eco-friendly company?

Our farms have been independently certified by third party agencies such as LEAF and Fairtrade as being responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, our farm-direct method ensures that very few stems are wasted in the supply chain, while other suppliers can waste up to one of every three stems. Our farms pay living wages and really care about and look after their employees which means you can feel good about shopping at The Real Flower Company.


I love this! Is there some way for me to help spread the word?

Yes! Please, please post our links to your social accounts to let others know about us! Our Instagram handle is @therealflowerco


How do I get in touch with Customer Services?

Please visit our 'Get in Touch' page to speak to our friendly team.