Pear Edible Rose Bush

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Please Note: Occasionally stems may be damaged in transit. If this should occur then please prune the stem down to the nearest healthy leaf and your rose will flourish.

An edible rose with a taste of sweet and sour pears. Medium sized shrub bearing an abundance of pale blush pink roses with an exotic spicy fragrance. Grows to 60-70cm in ht. Prefers partial shade where its delicate colour can really be appreciated. Perfect for mid to back of a border but equally suitable for growing in a container. Excellent for use in salads and confectionery.

About Our Rose Bushes

Grown in our sustainable South Downs Rose Paddock, where we nurture 30,000 rose bushes for cut flowers, each of our rose plants has been hand-tended by our small team. Your rose will be delivered in a tall pot to allow the long roots to grow straight and strong. Our rose plants can be left in their pot for up to a year (but they will need to be kept watered and fed), or planted out at any time throughout the year.

How to Plant Your Rose in the Ground

1. Choose a day when there is no frost.
2. Remove the rose from its pot and soak it a bucket of water for at least an hour.
3. Dig a hole that’s at least 50cm deep and at least twice the width of the roots.
4. Do not bend the rose's roots when it is placed in the hole. Make sure the root union (the bulbous part at the base of the branches) is covered with at least 5cm of soil.
5. Fill the hole around the rose with good-quality compost and a fertiliser such as Vitax Q4.
6. Water in well and keep well watered. We recommend giving the rose a long soak around once a week over the spring and summer to encourage the roots to grow strong and down.

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Scent Rating: 9/10
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