Sweet Peas

We grow our very own sweet pea flowers on our farm in Chichester, West Sussex.

These extraordinarily scented flowers have an incredible vase life and our hand-tied sweet pea bouquets make wonderful gifts.

If you're looking for a quintessentially English bouquet, look no further.

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  1. sweet pea hatbox arrangement
    Sweet Pea Hat Box Arrangement
  2. Rose & Sweet Pea Jewel Bouquet
    Rose and Sweet Pea Jewel Bouquet
    From £45.00
  3. sun and sky english sweetpea bouquet
    Sun and Sky Sweet Pea Bouquet
    From £60.00
  4. Prettiest Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet
    Prettiest Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet
    From £60.00
  5. simply english sweet peas
    Simply Sweet Peas
    From £45.00
  6. Easter Bouquet
    Easter Bouquet
  7. sweet pea and bottle jug
    Sweet Pea Bottle Jug
  8. Sweet pea hatbox trio
    Sweet Pea Hat Box Trio
  9. Sweetpea Vase Trio
    Sweet Pea Vase Trio
  10. Sweet Pea Candle Box
    Sweet Pea Candle Box
  11. Sweetpea Apothecary Jar
    Sweet Pea Apothecary Jar
  12. April Birthday Bouquet
    April Birthday Bouquet
  13. Sweet Pea and Exochorda Glass Flower Tube
    Sweet Pea Glass Flower Tube

13 Items

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