Simply Cafe Latte

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Antique Cafe Latte roses head to head with Lavender and Eucalyptus. The Cafe Latte rose is famous for its unusual vintage antique petals and is grown exclusively on our farm in Kenya. A stunning bouquet of any occasion and a real treat for someone who deserves this special gesture even if that someone is you!

For added decadence, select for this bouquet to arrive in one of our beautiful hatboxes. The hatbox will make a wonderful keepsake after the flowers have faded and add a wow factor to the delivery.

We have photographed this bouquet in the Deluxe size. Sizes available in this bouquet are: Small (16 Roses), Medium (24 Roses), Large (30 Roses), Deluxe (36 Roses).

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Scent Rating: 8/10
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