Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Same day London delivery is still available to order from our shop in Chelsea call 0207 349 8638

Welcome to our 2017's Valentine's collections.

This collection is full of classic red, antique, romantic, scented garden roses.

The entire collection is available for delivery from 10th February 2017.

Valentine's Day Flower Collection

We hope you can find perfect Valentine's gift here in our 2017 Valentine collection. We specialise in scented rose bouquets, oozing with romance.

Why do we give the gift of flowers on Valentine's Day?

Well, flowers are traditionally a symbol of fertility, love, marriage and romance. They are sent to show appreciation and gratitude of our loved ones. We think there is no other flower as romantic as a rose (especially a scented one!), and did you know that even the number of roses we send can be a message in itself? A bouquet of 12 roses is a traditional way of telling someone to 'I love you' or asking them to 'be mine'.