Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer creates recipes for food that boosts our health while satisfying our taste buds – and looking simply scrumptious. Recipes like her Carrot & Caraway Seed Loaf look and taste deliciously festive while providing a healthy alternative to richer Christmas fare.

Here at The Real Flower Company we find Amelia’s commitment to environmentally friendly products and recipes that use natural, seasonal ingredients chimes with our own philosophy of organic, sustainable farming and creating beauty from the flowers and foliage that are in season.

Amelia recognises that it is vital to listen to our bodies as the seasons change and sees winter as a season to nourish and nurture – rather than neglect – our health. Here she explains how indoor greenery can boost our health in winter and provides her top tips for keeping healthy as we spend less time out of doors.

What are your tips for keeping healthy as we huddle indoors over the festive season?

As we spend more time indoors – and tend to keep our doors and windows shut – I find I’m increasingly conscious of the home environment. I want it to be warm, comfortable and inviting, of course, but also good for my health, energy and sleep.

So here are my top tips to create a healthier indoor environment:

1. More ventilation. This is the single top thing for improving indoor air quality, even if you live in a city. Try to throw open your windows at least twice a day – just 5 to 10 minutes is enough and you’ll find the benefits outweigh any loss of warmth.

2. Cut down on synthetic products and fragrances and instead use fresh flowers, plants or essential oils to scent your rooms.

3. Bring a bit of nature inside. House plants can help to purify the air, especially if you put them in the places where you spend most of your time, such as the sitting room and bedroom.

4. Organise your room layout to maximise daylight. Move the furniture you spend lots of time at during daytime hours (your desk, table, favourite chair) closest to the windows. And get outside every day, even for just a few minutes!

What would you choose from The Real Flower Company’s Christmas Collection this year?

Everything is beautiful! But I’d have to go for the Citrus & Spice Door Wreath as it looks so pretty. I’m quite traditional and tend to go for lots of foliage and simple flowers but this wreath looks so festive and must smell wonderful too. To me flowers are the ultimate treat and I’d choose them over chocolate any day. I always have a small vase of flowers by my bed and love to put flowers in guest bedrooms when I have friends to stay as they bring such joy.

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