Part of the pleasure of Christmas is, of course, in the anticipation – and nothing heightens the excitement of the countdown to Christmas as much as an Advent Calendar. We can all remember the thrill of opening those little doors or windows each morning when we were children and knowing that each time we were one sleep nearer the big day. But even as adults we can recreate that tingle of Christmas elation through a luxury Advent Calendar that chimes just for us. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a fabulous Advent Calendar to usher in the festive season?

Diptyque Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Here at The Real Flower Company we specialise in scented roses and adore fragrances, so we’d love a daily aromatic burst from Parisian parfumier Diptyque. This stylish black-and-white Advent Calendar contains miniature colognes, candles and skin and body care lotions, all with glorious scents to stimulate your senses.

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Fortnum & Mason Rare Tea Wooden Advent Calendar

The build-up to Christmas can be stressful as well as exciting, so why not treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxation with a sensationally flavoured cup of tea? Behind each door lies a small box of specially selected, delicious loose tea – or if you prefer your tea in bags you can choose the Christmas Tea Lover’s Advent Calendar from the same luxury London grocer.

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Charbonnel et Walker Upstanding Advent Calendar

This year’s Christmas from Charbonnel et Walker is inspired by Victorian miniature paper theatres and their Upstanding Advent Calendar contains a magical array of paper characters and props, alongside, of course, sensationally indulgent truffles and chocolates. Enjoy a daily drop of decadence – and gather inspiration for Christmas charades as the goodies melt in your mouth.

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Gin Foundry Ginvent Calendar

Why not brighten up the dark winter nights with a taste of craft-made gin? The Ginvent Calendar contains twenty-four different gins, from traditional London Dry to fruit-infused brands, mixing familiar names with newly launched producers, all packaged in a stylish, thoroughly modern box. Titillate your tastebuds and challenge your preconceptions in the run-up to the festivities.


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Chase Distillery 24 Days of Christmas Spirit

Chase Distillery produces vodka and gin from potatoes and apples grown on its Herefordshire farm. As farmers ourselves, growing sustainably British flowers, we understand and appreciate the care that goes into growing produce that you know is really first rate. The Advent Calendar contains twenty-four shots of intriguing concoctions including Marmalade Vodka, Rhubarb Vodka and Pink Grapefruit Gin as well as Raspberry and Elderflower Liqueurs. The perfect Christmas warm-up.

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Charlotte Tilbury Naughty and Nice Magic Box

Give a woman the right make-up and she can conquer the world! Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury’s Advent Calendar has twelve iconic make-up treasures for eyes and lips and skin concealed in a glamorous pink box. The prefect present to make sure you look your Christmas best!

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Kikki.K Stationary Lovers Advent Calendar

No one does Christmas quite as well as the Scandinavians, whether it’s warming treats and candles for the dark snowy nights of Sweden’s Arctic north or enveloping yourself in the snug embrace of Danish hygge. Swedish brand Kikki.K’s selection of candles, notepads and other stationary in a stylish gold and black box promises the joy of a white Christmas wherever you are.

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Junique Advent Calendar

Based in Germany, home of the Christmas market, Junique aims to make the works of artists accessible and affordable so art can be part of our daily lives. Here at The Real Flower Company, we certainly believe that beauty – whether art or nature – can lift the spirits and calm the soul. The Junique Advent Calendar features twenty-four boxes each containing a rolled poster by a named artist to create your own Christmas gallery.

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Fortnum & Mason’s Wooden Advent Calendar and Musical Advent Calendar

At The Real Flower Company we recognise the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment. So we were thrilled to see that Fortnum & Mason have a range of Advent Calendars you can fill yourself with the special treats you know a loved one would love to receive. Featuring the iconic Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly façade recreated in wood, these sustainable Advent Calendars can be reused year after year and passed on through the generations.

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The Real Flower Company Countdown to Christmas Bouquets

What can be more uplifting in the dark days of winter than seasonal flowers and foliage fresh from our sustainable flower farms? If you order our three, six, or twelve month bouquet subscriptions you can change the dates by calling the wonderful Eunice at our flower farm HQ to give you three bouquets in the run-up to Christmas with the option of three more to help lift the January blues.

Don't forget to checkout our Christmas flowers and fresh Christmas wreaths which are perfect for bringing a little big of festive magic to your home this December.