best of british bouquet

The summer months on our sustainable Hampshire farm are packed with scent and colour. As well as our signature roses – grown with their scent genes intact, as nature intended, to ensure our bouquets have a glorious fragrance as well as spectacular beauty – we grow a wide variety of English garden flowers to add movement and texture to our arrangements. Whether you are looking for flowers for your own garden that work wonderfully as cut stems or want to know about the ingredients that make our bouquets so special, read on to discover our founder Rosebie Morton’s top picks of the season.

White Cosmos – Purity

Signifying love, joy and innocence, this is one of my favourite annuals. With dreamy feathery foliage and ethereal blooms that nod gently in the wind, it looks wonderful in a flower bed – and not only because its height and airiness enhance the display without overpowering other plants.

Tanacetum (Feverfew)

Signifying immortality, this perennial has been used to treat arthritis, headaches and toothaches. A brilliant choice in the garden, especially planted towards the front of a bed, it flowers for weeks, with fragrant, ferny foliage and daisy-like flowers that look good in any bouquet or arrangement.

Penestemon – Garnet

A perennial that signifies courage and spiritual knowledge, penestemon flowers continuously throughout the summer with minimum fuss, merely requiring dead-heading. Its rich claret-coloured blooms mix extremely well with other flowers, especially roses, without overpowering them, making it a great asset in any bouquet.

Blue Scabiosa

Signifying pure love and peace, this is a short-lived perennial on our farm – mainly because the mice adore it! I am especially fond of it because it was the first flower I grew to complement my roses. It has a simple and understated bloom with a clearly defined, open face. I often imagine what character a flower might have if it were human, and scabiosa would undoubtedly be a dependable friend.

Blue Nigella

The beautiful feathery foliage of this annual means it can knit together any bouquet or arrangement – an appropriate characteristic for a plant that signifies harmony and love and the bond that binds people together. I love the way it self-seeds so prolifically – once you’ve introduced it in your garden, it will remain forever! The stunning flowers transform into spectacular seed heads that are perfect for dried arrangements. What more could one want?.

Digitalis – Apricot Beauty

This hardy biennial has been one of my favourites since I was a child and used to pick the individual flowers to decorate my fingers. It has both positive and negative connotations and can heal or hurt, meaning it is often referred to as witches’ gloves or dead man’s bells. I love the spotty insides of the flowers and how well they work to attract bees. Fabulous in a garden because of its stature and grace, digitalis enhances any bouquet and looks particularly good with Evelyn roses.

Coral Pompom Dahlia

This perennial is such a beautiful colour and very understated for a dahlia – which is often a prima donna! Signifying grace under pressure, it is perfectly formed and looks gorgeous in any bouquet – especially with other corals and Pinks. It’s quite tricky to grow, though, so perhaps not an ideal choice for the garden.

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