Our sustainable English flower farm is now in full bloom and we are pleased to announce that our Fresh from the Farm English Flower Box is back! It is filled with sustainably grown seasonal flowers and foliage and delivered directly to your door from our English flower farm.

Our Fresh from the Farm English Flower Boxes are different each week and sometimes even from day to day as they contain the very best of what has been freshly picked that morning. There is no middle man, so we have full traceability and you can be sure that each stem you receive has been hand-tended by our dedicated team using sustainable farming practices accredited by LEAF.

Our recent boxes have included eye-catching Alliums, spires of Lupins, lacy Orlaya, scented Sweet Rocket and Mint and star-shaped Astrantia.

This year British Flowers Week runs from 14 to 21 June, making this the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of locally grown seasonal flowers. Read on to discover some tips for arranging your flowers and helping them to last and look their best for longer.

Fresh Start

Make sure the vase or vessel you are using to display your flowers is spotlessly clean. Avoid putting your vase in the dishwasher or using synthetic washing-up liquid as this can leave a residue. Instead, opt for vinegar or lemon juice and rinse well. Ceramic vessels, such as our Flower Jar and Flower Pot, tend to stay cooler than glass, further increasing the vase life of your flowers.

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Feed Your Flowers

Add water to your vase and either a sachet of cut-flower food or a mix of a teaspoon of sugar (to feed the flowers), two to three drops of bleach (to keep the water fresh) and a dessertspoon of vinegar (to adjust the pH).

Snip and Strip

Remove any leaves that would sit below the water line. You can do this with your fingers or a pair of sharp scissors or secateurs.

Before placing your flowers in water, snip about an inch from the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle. This exposes more of the central area of the stem and allows the flowers to absorb more water.

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Perfect Position

Choose a cool shady spot to help your flowers to last for longer. If placed in direct sunlight or close to a fire or radiator flowers will tend to wilt and dry out.

Methane from your fruit bowl can speed up the wilting process so it is worth keeping flowers and fruit separate.

Get Creative

Start with your hero stems – usually larger, more structural flowers. Place these in the vase first before following with the smaller flowers, herbs and foliage. Stand back regularly to check you are happy with the balance of your arrangement. A great tip is to look at your arrangement at the height from which it is going to be seen, so if you are making a table centrepiece we would recommend taking a seat so you can view your display from the same angle as your guests.For a more natural and flowing display you can experiment with different stem lengths, leaving some pieces trailing, or for a more classical arrangement keep the stem lengths uniform.

Don’t forget to have fun! Customers have reported that arranging their Fresh from the Farm English Flower Box provides a mindful moment within their week. It can also be rewarding to see how your flower-arranging skills develop as you discover your own style and creative flow with each box you receive.

All Change

Every couple of days, change the water in your vase and re-cut the stems. After a while we would suggest you compost any stems that are past their best to allow the longer-lasting flowers to shine.

To eke out the life of your flowers even longer, once you have trimmed the stems a few times you can swap to a shorter vase such as our Glass Flower Tube or Mini Vase Trio.

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