Are you looking for an easy way to make your Christmas table really special? Our Flower Tube and Posy centrepiece adds a decorative richness to any Christmas feast, not only making your table look truly eye-catching but also introducing the glorious scents and beauty of an English garden direct to your home.

‘I love this way of arranging flowers as it allows each of the roses to be appreciated in its full glory,’ says our founder, Rosebie Morton. ‘The Flower Tube fits neatly in the centre of the table so it doesn’t take up too much space, and though it is definitely eye-catching, it is so low that you can still see the faces of your guests above it. And of course, you can use it year after year for any occasion or dinner party – not just at Christmas.’

The images here show the Flower Tube filled with our richly coloured Copper, Plum and Gold Posy, combining our Deep Secret, Caramel Antike, Golden Mustard and Café Latte roses with Astrantia, Hypericum, Scabious seed heads and winter foliage. For a blast of Scandi cool, our nearly white Nordic Posy brings together Snow Ballet, Cream Piaget and Earl Grey roses with Anemones, Twisted Willow, pinecones, berries and silvery foliage. Pretty and delicate, our romantic Woodland Antique Posy combines the pale and dusky pinks of Bella Romantica, English Miss, Peony Pink and Café Latte roses with Ranunculus, Astrantia, Eucalyptus, Silver Lavender and woodland twigs. Whichever posy you choose, you can be sure that the scent of our roses – grown with their scent gene intact, unlike most imported flowers – will fill your room.

The instructions here show you how easy it is to assemble the Flower Tube and Posy to make a spectacular and memorable table centrepiece. The roses will come delivered to you still in bud and should typically last for at least five days. In average indoor temperatures, we find they look their best after about two days, so if you are using the Flower Tube for your Christmas table we’d suggest creating your display around two days in advance. The photographs here were taken the day after the roses were delivered.

Step 1
If possible, we’d recommend placing the Flower Tube in position on the table it’s going to be displayed on. If you need to move it, do make sure you pick it up by both ends so you can keep it horizontal. Start by filling the tube at least half-full with water from a jug.

Step 2
Begin with the six roses from the posy. Remove the leaves, cut the stems to approximately 10cm in length and then place one rose in each of the Flower Tube’s six holes, working along the length of the tube. All the rose stalks should face in the same direction.

Step 3
Next add the berries and other flowers, again cutting the stems to approximately 10cm in length and working your way along the tube. Make sure all the stems are facing in the same direction as the roses. If you’ve chosen the Copper, Plum and Gold Posy, you may want to keep the dried Hydrangea until the end as it doesn’t need to be placed in water.

After each stage take a look at your design from both sides to check you are happy with the balance and tweak it if necessary. We’d recommend sitting down to view your display so you can see it from the same angle as your guests will.

Step 4
Finally, use the foliage, twigs and herbs to fill any gaps. Again, work along the length of the vase and keep the stems running in the same direction.

For a more natural or wilder-looking display, vary the length of the stems and leave some pieces trailing. For a more classic display, keep the stems more uniform in length.

You may not need to use all the foliage and flowers from your posy, in which case you can use any leftovers to fill a small vase.

You can browse our Christmas Collection – with a fabulous selection of bouquets, wreaths and hatbox arrangements as well as our Flower Tube and Posy range – here. To shop the Copper, Plum and Gold Posy and Flower Tube click here.