Are you thinking of when to buy or make your own Christmas but wondering how long it will last? Or perhaps you already have your wreath but want to keep it looking its best for longer? Read on to discover our tips for getting the most from your Christmas wreath this year.

Ingredients First

If you want to hang your Christmas door wreath early, then we suggest choosing a wreath with long-lasting ingredients, such as: evergreen foliage, dried citrus and flowers, pine cones and berries. These can be found in our Citrus & Spice, Lavender & Lime, Berry & Herb or Nordic Eco-Friendly Moss Door Wreaths. If kept in the right conditions these will all dry beautifully to enable you to enjoy your wreath for longer.

Location, location

To help your wreath last longer place it in a cool, dry, sheltered spot away from direct sunlight. If you are hanging your wreath indoors then avoid placing your wreath near a fire, radiator or sunny window. Avoiding freezing conditions will also help your wreath last for longer.

Drink up

If you have chosen one of our wreaths with a biodegradable Oasis base, then keep the Oasis damp to help the foliage and flowers stay fresher for longer. Take the biodegradable Oasis base out of its tray and soak it in some cool water in the sink for an hour or two. Repeat around every five days or when ever the base feels dry to touch

Spritz and mist

You can also refresh the foliage and herbs in your wreath by giving it a very light misting of water every couple of days. If you have a wreath with roses, we recommend soaking the Oasis base (see above) rather than spritzing the flowers, as this can damage the petals


If some of the ingredients of your wreath have gone over then you can tease them out. Our wreaths are all very full and abundant in style so removing a few springs will not make much difference. With our rose wreaths such as Copper, Plum and Spice, Woodland Antique, Classic Red Christmas and Nordic Christmas you will find the roses fade before the rest of the wreath. You can just remove the roses or replace them with fresh roses or something different.

All of our natural Christmas wreaths are handmade to order on our sustainable and carbon neutral English flower farm. Our capacity is limited so we recommend pre-ordering your wreath. You can discover our collection here.