Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes on an English flower farm? Here we reveal what’s been happening on our Hampshire and West Sussex flower farms this month.

Our farm and Rose paddock are set within the beautiful green Hampshire countryside, close to the elegant National Trust Hinton Ampner House and Gardens and not far from both Winchester and Petersfield. We also have a second farm in the village of Birdham, just outside Winchester.

Amazing Anemones

Our Birdham farm, Greenlines, benefits from long, bright days. Here we grow under glass, in big glass houses without any artificial light or heat. Greenlines has a long history for growing sensational British Sweet Peas, but for the last couple of years we have been experimenting with some other crops. For the first time ever, we are now picking the most incredible Anemones that have been lovingly grown at Greenlines. The Anemones have large heads in amazing velvety jewel-tones including crimson, purple and fuchsia. Our florists are enjoying working these beautiful blooms into the bouquets we are sending out. You can discover our collection of scented and sustainable bouquets here.

Sensational Sweet Peas

Mother’s Day, something that we are always hope for but only happens every few years. Sweet Peas are not normally known to be long-lasting but over the past 25 years we have perfected our varieties and growing techniques to ensure that the blooms from our farm have an exceptionally long life. For the first time this year you can order Sweet Pea seeds from our farm and we have Sweet Pea seedlings and Stem Boxes also available. You can view our full collection of Sweet Pea arrangements and plants here.

Ravishing Ranunculus

We are also about to start picking our ruffled Ranunculus for the second year in West Sussex. Ranunculus are sometimes called the Rose of Spring, as like an English garden Rose their textured blooms have an abundance of delicate petals that open slowly revealing nuances of colour and shade. For a limited time only you can order our Ranunculus as a stem box and we will be adding Ranunculus to our collection of field to vase bouquets.

Perfect Peonies

This year we are growing more Peonies than ever before. You can expect glorious Peonies to be gracing our bouquets from around April to June. For the first time we are also going to have our farm-grown Peonies available as plants, including the ever-popular Coral Sunset and soft pink Sarah Bernhardt.

Delightful Dahlias

Each year Dahlias seem to grow in popularity so we have also been preparing to plant more Dahlia tubers. Over the years we have tried many varieties and now have favourites that we grow as cut flowers. We have a limited number of our favourite Dahlias available to buy as tubers here. These are Dahlias that we have found produce strong, healthy plants, put on a beautiful show in the garden and also make great cut flowers. You can find our guide to choosing and growing Dahlias here

A Tale of Two Scents

We have also been tending to our Lily of the Valley, which is planted close to the beehives in our Hampshire Rose Paddock, and preparing pots of Lily of the Valley pips for sale so that you can grow and enjoy Lily of the Valley in your own garden. For the first time this year we have also been planting pots of Wild Garlic for you to plant and enjoy at home.

You can discover our collection of plants, tubers, seeds and seedlings from our farms here