new baby flowers

“Ingredients that read like a gardener’s wish list” is how Rosebie, our founder and flower farmer, described Aurelia’s range of Probiotic Skincare. Working on a sustainable English flower farm, we are passionate about plants and nature so we’ve been fans of Aurelia’s natural but effective approach to skincare since the range launched. We caught up with Claire Vero, Aurelia’s founder, just weeks before her second baby was due to talk about the best new baby gifts and how to care for the skin of both mother and new-born.

What gifts stood out for you when your first son Henry was born?

When he was really tiny he received a Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile with distinctive black, white and red designs to stimulate visual development. It’s not the prettiest item in the world but it enthralled him for hours. Something a little more special, which would work equally well for a boy or girl, was a beautiful Molly Brett illustration of a woodland scene, which hangs on his bedroom wall. Illustrations like this were a lovely part of my own childhood and inspired the Little Aurelia packaging, which was hand-painted for us.

What gifts from your range would you suggest for a new baby?

Our Woodland Friends Gift Set is a lovely option and a nice alternative when new parents are swamped with clothes and toys. The full range of products makes for a useful gift and they come inside a sweet little suitcase, which makes a lovely keepsake. Alongside the products you’ll also find the Sleep Time Tales book, a limited edition hardback of original poes and stories to enjoy as a bedtime treat.woodland friends gift set

When buying a gift for a new baby, should you also treat the mum and older siblings?

Flowers are the perfect gift for a new mum and it’s so handy that the Real Flower Company has a ‘New Baby Flowers’ category to help guide your choice when welcoming new arrivals. I love the Evelyn & Wildflower and Margaret Merril & Wildflower bouquets and the stunning Simply Cream Piaget bouquet of pure white peony-like roses. I also appreciate the fact that the Real Flower Company uses ethically and sustainably grown flowers, which is a part of the mission behind Aurelia’s ingredients too!

Treating older siblings to a gift is a lovely idea – it’s important to acknowledge their changed role in the family by making sure they get lots of attention as well as the new baby!

What inspired you to launch the Little Aurelia range?

As a mum myself, I wanted to create a range of enchanting BioOrganic skincare products designed specifically for babies and young children. As with our skincare range for adults, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, there could be no compromise on ingredients, so the range has a strict ingredients promise to support little ones’ wellbeing and soothe and nourish their skin.

What should you look for when choosing skincare for babies and children?

First and foremost it’s about the ingredients you simply have to avoid. Among the most common are sulphates (SLS), which are foaming agents often found in bubble baths and washes that can make eczema-prone or dry, sensitive skin much worse. MI or MIC (methylisothiazolinone) should never be used in children's products. Banned across the UK in 'leave on' products but surprisingly still found in many 'wash off’ products, this ingredient has been said to be responsible for the most cases of contact dermatitis in the UK. Finally, petrochemicals can coat the skin in a greasy film that stops delicate skin from breathing and causes irritation. Confusingly, petrochemicals are often found in products to treat sore and eczema-prone skin even though they can actually aggravate the condition. Designed to nurture little ones’ delicate skin, the Little Aurelia range is free from all of the above ingredients.

Any tips for caring for your skin during pregnancy or post-partum?

Your skin can get quite dry during pregnancy and after giving birth so make sure you use rich, nourishing products to help replenish it. Cell Repair Night Oil is amazing for this – rich in botanical oils but not heavy or greasy, it leaves skin nourished and glowing. Botanical Cream Deodorant is an aluminium-free alternative to antiperspirants – and during pregnancy many women want to avoid this ingredient. Post-partum I would recommend the Firm & Replenish Body Serum, which hydrates and firms the skin with omega-rich botanical oils together with a stunning blend of essential oils to help calm the mind.