september on the farmGlorious Grasses

Rob our Farm Manager has trialed at least 30 different types of grass and said that even the varieties which grow easily in the garden are not necessarily good for cutting. After several years he has whittled the selection down to six really good cutting grasses which last well, don’t drop their seed and are good for floral arrangements. These are velvety red Miscanthus with its feathery style head, Cat Tail white and red, Feather grass, Sea Oates, Frosted Explosion and Red Spray grass. These six varieties are all ready to cut and add to any late summer installation giving movement and textural interest.

Chinese Lanterns and Hips

Just past the grasses on the farm there is a fabulously bright line of Chinese Lanterns, these have started earlier than usual and look gorgeous with their punchy orange lanterns fading to lime green near the top of the stems. Another earlier than usual plant this year will be the rose hips. The berries are just beginning to turn red and we will be picking them soon to carry us through to Christmas.chinese lanterns

Foliage and Berries

The Snowberry, which we have been picking throughout summer for its foliage is now covered in white and pink berries, and is a fab addition to any foliage or flower scheme. We grow both colours on our farm and although the birds don’t eat the berries the mice are very fond of the seeds inside the berries, so Monica our farm cat stands guard to keep them safe.monica the cat

Late Summer Beauties

Moving away from the foliage I am loving the dainty and beautifully scented Callianthus. They will be reaching their peak next week and look amazing paired with our foliage and herbs. The bold statement of the Hydrangea Paniculata with its off white colour (sometimes a hint of green and pink) have been very happy with so much rain recently and are in abundant supply. Hydrangeas last really well as a cut flower and also dry beautifully to use during the winter months.These are just a few of my picks from our sustainable English farm this month but there are still plenty more varieties of flowers, roses, herbs and foliage available. We will be sending out a weekly prediction mailer to keep you up to date with availability and if you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive this mailer then please sign up below. Our trade team would love to chat to you about your upcoming events if you would like to call the office.