We created our Fresh From The Farm English Flower Box as a seasonal and sustainable alternative to the usual letterbox flowers and subscription boxes, where the flowers are often grown and selected simply to be robust, uniform and in ample supply. As British flower farmers, our focus has always been on growing flowers as nature intended, perfectly imperfect, in tune with the seasons and with their natural, glorious scent – a characteristic that is often bred out of mass-produced flowers. Our farm is certified as sustainable and this year our first carbon audit demonstrated that we are climate positive so are we actually reducing carbon.

Our Fresh From The Farm Flower Boxes are filled with the best of the season. Our florists do not follow a recipe or formula but they do make sure that each box has a balanced mix of flowers and foliage. We thought we would share an example of one of our autumn Fresh From The Farm Flower Boxes to give you an idea of what to expect. Each box contains enough flowers and foliage to fill a medium to large vase or can be split into several smaller arrangements. Autumn is the season of berries and rose hips, which we celebrate in the boxes we are currently sending out. The arrangement here includes:

Chinese Lanterns

Synonymous with autumn colour and beauty, the distinctive orange pods of Chinese Lanterns positively glow. Make sure you pick the leaves off your Chinese Lanterns when they first arrive as they do not last in water. Once the leaves are removed, your Chinese Lantern stems will last for weeks in a vase and dry beautifully.


When the summer flowers are starting to fade, Nerines provide a lovely bright pop of colour.

Abelia Grandiflora

One of Rosebie’s garden favourites as it can be picked throughout the year, Abelia Grandiflora comes into its own in autumn, providing an arrangement with a burst of pretty colour and texture.

Rose Hips

At this time of year you will often find one of our favourite Rose Hips, Hip Hop, in our flower boxes and bouquets. Hip Hop provides a starburst of red jewel-like berries that catch the eye and enliven any arrangement.


Perfect for the season, these cool white berries perfectly complement the warm, rich tones of autumn.

If you want to keep things simple, just trim the bottom inch from the stems with a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs, remove any leaves that will sit below the water line and place in a clean vase. This is what we did with the example above – the vase is our Real Flower Jar in Pewter. We mixed up the stems a bit so that the focal flowers took centre stage but what we wanted to show was how the box would look without any formal or hugely considered arranging. Our Fresh From The Farm Flower Boxes are a great option for those who want to get creative but are short on time – or if arranging flowers is not your thing, you can let the flowers simply speak for themselves.

We then used the same Fresh From The Farm Flower Box to create a couple of alternative seasonal arrangements. One flower box was enough to fill a set of bud vases such as our LSA Mini Vase Trio, made from 100 per cent recycled glass, and to create a seasonal table centrepiece or mantelpiece display using our Glass Flower Table Display Tube. After making these two displays, we still had enough flowers left over to have a simplified arrangement in the Pewter Real Flower Jar.

All these arrangements were created by a novice with no floristry training to show you what you can achieve at home. With the Glass Flower Table Display Tube, we would recommend creating your arrangement in the place where it is going to be displayed as it can be tricky (but not impossible!) to move once you have added water. Our florists always suggest starting with your hero / larger flowers and then filling in around the edges with smaller flowers, herbs, grasses and foliage. The professionals often recommended working in odd numbers so think about adding to your displays in threes, fives or sevens.

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