Love Peonies and have a garden or space for a large pot? If your answer is yes then read on as our founder Rosebie shares her all-time favourite varieties…

Our Peony plants have all been hand-tended by our farm manager Rob and the small team here on our climate positive Hampshire flower farm. Your plant will arrive in a large pot and can stay in it for this summer or be moved into a larger pot or flower bed.

Coral Sunset

I am a complete pushover when it comes to anything coral. I feel it acts as a bridge between other colours in the garden, fitting seamlessly into any colour scheme. So, I was very pleased to find a coral Peony with such beautiful flower heads, which are also scented – what more could one want? It also has very strong sturdy stems which do not need any support. Perfect.

Sarah Bernhardt

Probably and quite rightly one of the most well-known of Peonies. Sarah Bernhardt has timeless pale rose pink ruffled flowers with a gorgeous scent. It flowers so well in my garden and is a real asset, fitting in beautifully with my shrubs and roses.


A definite individual that adds character to the garden. I love Alertie because it has unusual, double blooms, which are slightly wild and untidy in appearance. It is very pale pink with a deep crimson centre. Like most peonies, it makes a very good cut flower.

Duchess de Nemours

I think of the Duchess of Nemours Peony as a grand old lady with serious class – I love it. It has gorgeous double creamy ivory flowers set on deep green foliage and does not grow very tall, so ideal for the front of a flower bed.

Many Happy Returns

You cannot miss Many Happy Returns when it is in flower. It is one of the earlier Peonies to flower with brick red eye-catching blooms. It creates drama in the middle of a bed, whilst equally being very reliable and undemanding.

Dr Alexander Fleming

Another of my favourites. A really rich apple blossom coloured Peony with an exquisite sweet scent. Really floriferous, producing flowers on its side shoots as well as its main stems. It can often be still flowering long after other Peonies have exited the stage, making it a real asset in any garden.

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