When you see a beautiful rose the temptation is to lean in and enjoy its scent. However, these days few modern cut roses and many garden Roses feature any trace of scent at all. This is because many commercially grown flowers have had their scent gene genetically removed to increase their durability and shelf life. Our founder, Rosebie Morton has made it her life’s work to bring scent back to the cut flower market (you can discover our collection of scented bouquets here). Over the years, and much trial and error, Rosebie has curated and grows Roses, that are not only beautiful but also boast an exquisite variety of scents.

Here, Rosebie reveals her all-time favourite English garden Roses for scent.

Margaret Merril

The quintessential English Rose and Rosebie’s inspiration for The Real Flower Company. This understated beauty has a stunning aroma and a beautiful shape with milky white petals featuring a hint of blush. Its compact and neat shape is ideally suited for growing in a large pot.

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Chandos Beauty

Rosebie describes Chandos Beauty as her ‘perfect child’ as it boasts shapely peachy pink flowers and a strong, exquisite scent and is also very easy to grow. This healthy plant produces an abundance of flowers throughout the season.

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Eveline Wild

This unusual Rose tastes as good as it smells and looks! It was named after acclaimed pâtissier and confectioner Eveline Wild and has a fruity fragrance and a delicate sweet taste, with notes of honey and apricot. On the farm we have found Eveline Wild to be a strong and healthy Rose, which produces a wealth of flowers, that can be enjoyed in the garden, in a vase as well as used to dress desserts, cakes or even salads.

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Whiter Shade of Pale

This compact hybrid tea rose loves a sunny position and will reward you with delicate soft pink roses and a strong, sweet scent all summer long - right into winter.

Nadia Zerouali

This rose is also known as “Lemongrass,” inspired by its delicious scent and taste - this vibrant yellow Rose has been bred to be edible as well as beautiful. Loved by bees and butterflies, this strong and healthy rose produces repeat flowering blooms which perfectly compliment Mediterranean dishes, confectionary and drinks.

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If you are looking for a scented climbing Rose, then Rosebie’s top choice would be Compassion. When you see a Compassion Rose in full flower and get to enjoy its intense, sweet scent you will instantly see why. It has coral pink flowers and is easy to grow.

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A popular heritage rambling Rose which produces eye-catching coral blooms from copper toned buds. It has a strong, fruity scent and can tolerate shady areas.

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Penny Lane

A vigorous climbing rose, with large pale honey to blush pink ruffled flowers, and a beautiful citrus scent. It repeat-flowers throughout the season rewarding you with colour and scent throughout the summer and even into autumn.

You can shop our rose plants here. Each plant will have been hand-tended by the small team on our South Downs Rose Paddock.