On the farm we often say that during December we transform from The Real Flower Company into The Real Wreath Company. We’ve been making natural Christmas wreaths for many years and our wreaths are something we’re extremely proud of. We think it’s wonderful to see that natural Christmas wreaths are now enjoying something of a renaissance.

We’ve put together a quick guide to getting the most out of your natural Christmas wreath this year and how to make it last:

1.Try to choose (or make) a hand-made Christmas wreath that uses foliage, herbs and berries that have been sustainable sourced. Knowing where the ingredients that make up your wreath have come from, and that they’ve been grown with care, makes it all the more special.

Our Hampshire flower farm has been accredited by LEAF, which is a global system for recognising farms that meet rigorous standards for sustainability. Our sister Fairtrade farm in Kenya operates to the highest possible social and environmental standards and grows roses completely naturally thanks to the perfect year-round climate. So you can rest assured that if you are buying your Christmas wreath from us, we will have responsibly grown most of the stems ourselves on sustainable and Fairtrade farms.

If you are making your own wreath this year, you can find our founder and flower farmer Rosebie’s foraging tips here and a how-to guide for making your own wreath from botanical artist Bex Partridge here.

Berry, Foliage & Herb Door Wreath

2.Smell is the most evocative of our senses, so create a lasting impression and help to evoke the spirit of Christmas by choosing a naturally scented wreath. Take a look at our Berry & Herb, Lavender & Lime and Nordic Rose door wreaths.

Lavender & Lime Door Wreath

3.We’re often asked how to keep Christmas greenery looking its best. To help to keep your natural wreath looking fresh, spritz lightly with water (but try to avoid it getting rained on or spraying the roses directly if your wreath is decorated with roses) and keep it in a sheltered spot.

Nordic Foliage Door Wreath


4.If you want to put your natural wreath up early, opt for a style like our Citrus & Spice, Berry & Herb or Thistle & Berry wreaths as these all dry beautifully to enable you to enjoy your wreath for longer.

Citrus & Spice Door Wreath

5. Don’t be afraid to spruce your wreath up. Some of our most popular Christmas wreaths include natural scented roses. The roses should last for at least five days but once they are over they can be removed and you can still continue to enjoy your wreath.

Nordic Rose Door Wreath


6. Dressing your Christmas table with a wreath is really effective – and means you can still see your family and guests across the table! You can place our table wreaths directly on to your table, but avoid placing on polished tables or surfaces that watermark.


Nordic Rose Table Wreath


7. Our wreaths are delivered in a luxurious green box and make an indulgent gift for the person who has everything. Our green boxes make wonderful storage and can be re-used for children’s Christmas crafts.

Woodland Antique Rose Door Wreath


Our Christmas wreaths will be available to pre-order now - you can discover the full Christmas flower collection here.