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When Amanda Harris became our head florist earlier this year, she was immediately plunged into the complications of how to operate in a period of high demand under lockdown conditions. We asked her to tell us about the rewards of the job and her hopes for the future…

How are you finding the role of head florist under the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 crisis?

"I took over the role of head florist just before Mother’s Day – which is a busy time for The Real Flower Company under any circumstances. With the added complications of lockdown and social distancing, I felt I was really being thrown in at the deep end! I feel I’m still finding my feet, but it’s a fantastic job and I have an amazing team behind me."

Can you describe a typical day?

"No one day is ever the same here at the farm! All our flowers and foliage arrive before we start the day, so we get straight down to prepping so we can fulfill the orders that come in – making sure we have enough ribbons cut, fresh bags ready and so on. Then one of the team will go to the fridge to start picking the flowers for that day’s orders: these could range from 20 to 200! Since Mother’s Day and into lockdown we have been rushed off our feet. Every day feels like peak pressure because we are operating with a minimum of staff to ensure we can keep everyone safe. But it’s an amazing feeling to know that we are helping people to remain positive in this very difficult situation."

What is your favourite time of year on the farm?

"My favourite season here has to be winter and Christmas, with wreath-making, the scent of pine and cinnamon, the cold air. It really intensifies the whole joy of the season – especially when the buzz of the peak is followed by the reward of a week or two at home with the family! I even chose to get married in the winter season, much to my mum’s disappointment."

What are you looking forward to most in your role in the future?

"Having moved to the farm in late October, and having watched it go into hibernation throughout winter, I’m really looking forward to seeing everything in full bloom and bursting with colour. Each week our farm manager Rob brings a new flower or type of foliage into the workshop for us to use so it’s a whole learning experience week by week."

What gives you most pleasure about your job as head florist?

"It’s very uplifting to work with highly scented flowers that we have watched grow on the farm day by day. Then I love the thought that we are creating a bouquet that will brighten up somebody’s day – whatever the craziness around us."

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