With the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle less than a week away, anticipation is mounting. The date and venue may be fixed and the invitations sent out, but there’s still a mystery around many of the details – not least, the composition and colours of the bridal bouquet. So we asked our team here at The Real Flower Company to predict what Meghan’s royal wedding bouquet might look like.

There’s a tradition dating back to the wedding of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Victoria, of always including at least one sprig of myrtle in a royal wedding bouquet. In floriography, the language of flowers, myrtle symbolises love – which of course makes it the perfect choice for a bridal bouquet. Royal wedding bouquets also tend to be all-white – so we were intrigued to know how traditional our team predict Meghan will go.


Becky, florist in our Hampshire barn workshop

“Meghan has been quoted as loving peonies so I think they’ll be a must for her royal wedding bridal bouquet – along with garden roses and, of course, the traditional myrtle. I think the bouquet will be white and cream and larger than the Duchess of Cambridge’s dainty posy – I think it will be a more modern, rounded shape.”

Rosebie, founder & flower farmer

“I think Meghan’s royal wedding bouquet will be very natural and loose – possibly using just green and white. I think she’ll choose scented flowers that are classic and timelessly elegant.”

Meg, florist in our Hampshire barn workshop

“Because the style of Philippa Craddock – Meghan and Harry’s chosen florist – is natural and whimsical, I think Meghan’s bouquet will have wispy, trailing leaves and tendrils and a flowing shape. I think it will be quite small, and she’ll use small, delicate garden flowers in a colour palette of ivory, cream and green.”

Catherine & the team at our Chelsea flower shop

“We think Meghan’s royal bridal bouquet will have peonies, her favourite flower, myrtle to follow tradition and lily of the valley in honour of Princess Diana.”

Carrie, florist in our Hampshire barn workshop

“I think Meghan will carry a classic, hand-tied royal bridal bouquet in shades of white and green. I think it will be small and understated – and it will definitely include white roses.”

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