Over the last twenty years of growing scented English garden roses in our corner of the South Downs National Park in Hampshire, we’ve learnt a lot. But growing our roses naturally means we are very much in the hands of the Great British Weather. Despite careful planning we sometimes end up with a glut, and as we hate waste, our farm manager Rob has spent years perfecting the art of drying our scented English rose petals to maintain as much of their glorious natural character and scent as possible. As well as dried rose petals, we also offer luxurious green hatboxes filled with fresh rose petals. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some ideas for romantic ways to use rose petals.

1. Turn a small gift into something really special
It’s often said that it’s all in the presentation. Filling a gift box with rose petals is a great way to add a real wow factor to a gift. Our natural rose petals are beautifully scented as well as visually attractive, so they introduce another sensory element to the surprise. You can have your rose petals delivered in one of our signature green hatboxes, to which you could add a small gift – perhaps a piece of jewellery, a heartfelt letter, a poem, a voucher or a gift card.

2. Create a garland
Why not string the rose petals on to some twine to create a garland? You could hang the garland over the door to welcome your loved one or use it to dress the dining table or dressing table, or place it above the bed. A few rose petals strung on to a simple string also makes a beautiful and natural finishing touch for your gift-wrapping.

3. Add fragrance to the room
A bowl or small hurricane lamp filled with rose petals makes an attractive and beautifully scented addition to a room. Why not treat your loved one to breakfast in bed and add a bowl of scented rose petals to the breakfast tray?

4. Style the table
Scatter fresh or dried rose petals over the table as a simple but timelessly beautiful way to introduce a sense of romance. White petals create a stylish and elegant look or use our mixed pink rose petals for a soft, romantic ambience.

5. Spell out a message
Create a cherished memory by using fresh rose petals to spell out a heartfelt message. Or why not use them to create an Instagram-worthy heart shape?

6.Scatter on the bed
Transport your loved one to a five-star faraway beach resort and scatter a freshly made bed with beautifully scented rose petals.

7.Decorate dessert
Transform dessert into something really special and memorable by dressing it with a few delicate scented rose petals. A scattering of light pink petals on a chocolate pudding or pure white petals on a cheesecake take your dessert from ordinary to extraordinary. Why not try making these chocolate swirl meringues with whipped cream and salted chocolate from our Valentine’s Day menu?

8.Fill an envelope
Struggling for words or wanting to say something special? Why not add some scented rose petals to the envelope to add an element of surprise as well as a beautiful scent? You can also discover poetry tutor Vicky Wilson’s tips for what to write in your Valentine’s Day card here.

9. Create a trail
Have you cooked a surprise meal or do you have a surprise gift for your loved one? Why not use scented rose petals to show them the way to uncovering their surprise?

10.In the bath
Does your loved one deserve a night off? Why not dim the lights, light some candles and run them a rose petal bath?

You can discover our sustainable fresh and dried rose petals here.