The presents have all been unwrapped, the decorations taken down and the chocolates polished off – but there’s still the job of who to thank and how.

Do you send a thank you note to everyone who gave you a gift?

The good news is no – if you have thanked someone in person then there’s no need to send a thank you note unless they are expecting one. However, for anyone you haven’t thanked in person, or who has made a positive impact, gone out of their way for you or made your life easier – such as your Christmas hosts, dog walker, child minder or a colleague – then it’s worth following up with a thank you.

In this modern world is it dated to post a thank you card?

Absolutely not. A handwritten note or thoughtfully chosen gift such as flowers really helps to build and maintain relationships. It shows you care. Writing has been demonstrated not only to cement the message in your mind but to transmit it more memorably to the person who you want to show gratitude to. Or why not make the thank you even more memorable by sending flowers? Research has shown that both giving and receiving flowers elicits a true sense of wellbeing and happiness.

What should you write?

A thank you note doesn’t just need to just be about the gift you received. What else would you like to thank that person for? Rather than starting with the words “thank you”, why not say something that strikes an emotional chord, such as, “It meant so much to be able to spend time talking, playing and relaxing together”.

What flowers should you send as a thank you?

Narcissus – both our Ivory Spring Posy and Pastel Pink Spring Posy are hand-tied with the first scented narcissus of the year. Their star-shaped blooms represent new beginnings and the arrival of spring, instantly lifting the spirits of the recipient as they untie the luxurious satin ribbon on one of our signature boxes. Pink Roses – in the language of flowers pink roses represent appreciation and gratitude. Romantic Juliet is one of our most popular bouquets and with good reason – pink, peach and apricot scented garden roses, including David Austin’s Juliet, are hand-tied with mint and lavender to complement the beautiful scent of the flowers.A Seasonal Bunch – why not let our expert florists hand-tie a one-off bouquet using the very best of what’s in season and freshly picked from our seasonal flower farms to show your gratitude?