Styling your home for Christmas with Tamsyn Morgans

We’ve looked on with wonder at the journey interior and prop stylist Tamsyn Morgans has taken in renovating her Victorian terrace house in Norwich, scouring flea markets then giving her finds a new lease of life to create a light, bright and comfortable home that effortlessly mixes modern and vintage. Here, Tamsyn shares her tips and ideas for styling your home this Christmas and takes us step-by-step through the creation of a jewel-toned fireplace centrepiece using our Red Antique & Plum Bouquet.

There is nothing more festive than decorating your home with beautiful jewel-coloured blooms and greenery. Add a touch of decadence to a mantelpiece or shelf at Christmas with fresh roses, lavender, eucalyptus and sprigs of fir. The gorgeous scent will fill the room – and you can add an extra Christmas sparkle by using fairy lights!

Here’s how I created my festive mantelpiece:

1. I started by dividing the Red Antique & Plum Bouquet to make three feature posies, using roses, lavender and sprigs of greenery. I used vintage jars to display mine in, but jam jars would work just as well. Arrange the three jars on your mantel or shelf.

2. Next I hung little vintage bottles under my shelf, using wire wrapped around the bottle necks. I secured the wire in place with drawing pins.
Add fairy lights for extra sparkle. I simply laid mine down at the back of the shelf, but you could also use masking tape or washi tape to secure them to the front of the shelf – the tape will be covered by greenery.

3. Next, layer up your sprigs from the bouquet along the shelf and around the jars. I used masking tape to tape down the sprigs. Criss-cross the stems for a really beautiful, natural look. Make sure all gaps are filled. I really wanted it to look like a garland, so I was happy for my sprigs to drape a little – it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Here are some more simple but beautiful ways to use the flowers and seasonal foliage from your bouquet for:

- Make a line of small bottles down the centre of your dining table and fill with roses and greenery. Add height with tall candlesticks, and lay sprigs of eucalyptus and foliage around the base of the jars and candlesticks. The Christmas Spiced Peach Bouquet works wonderfully for this.

- For a really striking display, you could also decorate your bannister with greenery and hang vintage bottles containing single blooms from the Christmas Posy.

- Use washi tape to tape single stems of flowers and foliage to the wall behind your table. The vibrant pinks and deep burgundy tones of the David Austin Christmas Bouquet work beautifully for this.

- Fill clear balloons with helium, fasten with a long ribbon and tie sprigs of seasonal foliage to the ends of the ribbon so the balloons appear to dance above your Christmas table.

- Fill large storm lanterns with candles, placing eucalyptus around the candle bases.

- Hang dangling pieces of seasonal foliage such as trailing ivy and jasmine from an embroidery hoop and suspend above your table.

- Wrap double-sided tape around the base of a pillar candle and place sprigs of lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus onto the tape, lined up with soldiers. Secure by wrapping a pretty ribbon around the centre, tied in a bow.

- Use string or florist’s wire to tie long stems of rosemary, trailing ivy or eucalyptus into wreaths. Make them in a selection of sizes and hang from a window for a gorgeous festive display.

- Parcels wrapped simply in brown paper look beautiful when embellished with sprigs of rosemary. Use twine instead of ribbon for a rustic touch, and tuck the greenery under the twine.

- For a beautiful place setting, tie jewel-coloured organza ribbon around each napkin. Place a single rose and some greenery under the ribbon and add a luggage tag stamped with the name of your guest.

festive table decorations

We’d love to see what you create, so please share your images with us on Instagram and tag @tamsynmorgans and @therealflowerco or use our hashtag #realflowersofseason for a chance to win a bouquet. You can find more details here.

Discover our range of Christmas bouquets here.