When our founder and flower farmer Rosebie Morton met artist Natasha Jade she was immediately impressed by her work, in particular the way it focuses on capturing the colours and textures of specific places. “We talk the same language and I felt she really understood the ethos of The Real Flower Company,” says Rosebie. So Rosebie asked Natasha to capture the spirit of the flowers we grow at The Real Flower Company in a series of greetings cards that would “let the flowers do the talking”. Here we asked Natasha about how the collaboration evolved.

How it all began

I painted throughout my childhood and sold my first painting at the age of 15. I studied mathematics at Sussex University and afterwards I travelled to India and South America, sending my paintings home to be sold by my mother to fund my journey. I absorbed so many rich experiences, soaking up colours and textures. When I returned to London I held a pop-up exhibition of large-scale work inspired by my travels and that was the start of my career as a full-time commissions artist.

An artist at work

Despite the stereotype of the “messy artist”, I like to keep my workspace as clear as possible. I have a two-storey studio and use the upper level to store stock and products and the lower level as my workspace. Keeping my workspace minimal helps me to have a clearer mind, enabling me to create my best possible work. I have big floor-to-ceiling windows to introduce as much natural light as possible and lots of plants to help create a tranquil environment.

Visiting The Real Flower Company farm

During my trip to The Real Flower Company’s beautiful Hampshire farm I was overwhelmed with inspiration. It was wonderful to walk around with Rosebie and see the stunning flowers in the fields, each with its own personality shining through! The glorious aromas and rich natural colours evoked joyful memories that fuelled a deep desire in me to paint and be creative. So I took lots of photos, which helped me to create a collection that conveys the authenticity and character of the flowers as well as their delicacy and beauty.

Making the flowers feel alive

Rosebie’s brief to “let the flowers do the talking” allowed me to create a collection of works that came from my heart. I wanted to bring to life the character of each rose, so the flowers feel alive on the page, almost as if you can touch them. I also wanted to capture the environment of The Real Flower Company’s garden and farm. I thought it was so wonderful that the flowers are all grown naturally and strove to convey this in the paintings. I hoped my work would resemble a Real Flower Company bouquet and retain the sense of a wild garden.

Capturing Margaret Merril

The collection of cards I’ve created for The Real Flower Company features two original watercolour paintings with a gold-leaf finish. One was created by observing a bouquet of Margaret Merril roses as they opened on my desk – according to Rosebie, Margaret Merril is the quintessential English rose, understated and subtle yet exquisite, with an addictive scent. It proved the greatest challenge to paint as the delicate shape of the blooms changes as they open and the colour can appear soft white or pink toned depending on the light. The other painting was inspired by three different bouquets – I took the aspects I was drawn to from each and created a painting composed of these elements.

Why send a handwritten card?

I am quite 'old school' and really like messages to feel authentic and to make me feel special. A handwritten card or letter makes a refreshing break from all the emails and texts I receive daily. There’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten card from someone you love – it conveys a sense of intimacy and brings feelings of joy.

Your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

I would be very happy to receive a Romantic Juliet Bouquet this Valentine's Day!