We are pleased to share the news that this summer our English flower farm had its first carbon audit and was found to be climate positive. We also hold a LEAF Marque for sustainable farming but striving to be more sustainable is still an on going process. If you are looking or an eco friendly wreath to dress your door or table this Christmas we have shared some tips and suggestions to help you along the way.

Zero waste DIY Christmas wreath

If you have access to local, sustainable foliage, you can make your own wreath. Moss makes an excellent base and if you are going to keep making wreaths then it may be worth investing in a metal wreath base. We have just launched our DIY Christmas wreath kit which contains everything you need to make your own abundant and natural wreath including a re-usable metal frame. The foliage, herbs and berries are all grown on our own sustainable farm so you also have full traceability of the ingredients supplied. You can find instructions for making your own wreath here

Reusable versus biodegradable

You may be considering buying a faux or artificial wreath that can be used time and time again. The choice and quality of faux flowers and foliage have really improved in recent years but we have found that the origins of their manufacture are often questionable and hard to trace. Faux wreaths often act as a magnet for dust and can prove to be very difficult to clean, especially if they have a flocked or glitter coating. When an artificial wreath comes to the end of its life it can also be tricky, if not impossible to recycle at the time of writing. Our recommendation would therefore be to choose a biodegradable wreath made from sustainably grown seasonal foliage and berries such as our Berry & Herb Eco Friendly Moss Door Wreath.

Flower miles

Here are The Real Flower Company then we strongly support buying local. If you are considering buying a wreath from a local florist then they will normally be happy to answer questions about where their flowers and foliage have come from. The foliage on our Christmas wreaths is grown by us on our Hampshire farm but out of the English season the roses on our Christmas wreaths and bouquets comes from our sustainable sister farm in Kenya. It may seem surprising that we have mentioned Kenya in a blog about sustainable Christmas wreaths but during the English winter our Kenya roses are often a more sustainable choice than European alternatives. Our Kenyan farm’s location, close to the equator, with a natural water supply, means the roses are grown without the need for artificial light or heat. They provide much needed employment in a rural area and operate to the highest possible social and environmental standards. What is more, they were the first flower farm to be awarded as Gold Standard carbon neutral by a pioneering UN scheme.

Home compost

It is also worth thinking about the retirement plan for your wreath. A natural wreath can be home composted (you just near to remove the metal base and any wire). You can also place any flowers, foliage and moss in your local council’s green recycling. If you are making your own wreath we’d suggest keeping the wire as one continuous piece as a href="https://www.realflowers.co.uk/blog/how-to-make-your-own-christmas-wreath/" target=”_blank”>shown here: so that it is easier to re-use once your wreath has faded. Removing it in one piece can be a little more fiddling but is also really satisfying!

This year we are hosting Christmas wreath making workshops in London and Hampshire. You can find the details for London here and the details for Hampshire here. You can also click here to discover of collection of wreaths which includes our Eco wreath range.